PT. OTC DAIHEN INDONESIA provides welding equipment, cutting equipment, torches, robots, positioning equipment, accessories. OTC DAIHEN INDONESIA offers the highest level of products and equipment service, training, application development, and consulting services. We sell our products primarily to distributors and system integrators. OTC DAIHEN INDONESIA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAIHEN Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan. In addition to INDONESIA, DAIHEN Corporation supports a wide range of global markets. For sales a support outside of INDONESIA, please contact one of our partners.



Low spatter and high speed advance model.


Build-in coaxial cable enhances in smooth wire feeding.
Less interference with workpiece and jigs, allowing
easier approaches and teaching. Suitable for
circumference welding (Outer and Inner).

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FD Series Arc Welding Robots

Changing the Future of Manufacturing!

Daihen is leading the evolution of manufacturing. We have set new
standards in automation: intuitive operation, advanced quality
control, and eco-friendly solutions.


Evolution to nanotechnology can be attained by introducing "Welbee"
can make a precise wavefrom control by faithfully providing feedback
of the ultra-high-speed sampled welding current and voltage,
realizing a high precision and a high quality welding.